5th Avenue Professional Mask Kit Includes:

1x Glow Mask

1x Calming Mask

1x Purify Mask

Glow Mask – A premixed ready to use mask to absorb excess sebum, reduce oiliness, detoxify and calm inflammation. This luxury mask will leave your skin looking more youthful with a healthier natural glow Containing natural Kaolin clay to detoxify and absorb sebum, Salicyllic acid to reduce inflammation and clear pores.

Purify Mask – This luxury ready to use mask will detoxify the skin, clear pores and even skin tone as well as protect from free radical damage for a brighter purified appearance. Containing Solum Fullonum known for its detoxifying ability to remove impurities and Vitamin C to scavenge skin damaging free radical to protect and help purify the skin.

Calming Mask – This powerful yet calming easy to use luxury mask has been specifically formulated to calm and help remove inflammation causing toxins and bacteria. It is a powerful Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mask designed to help sensitive and problematic skin. Containing green tea extract long celebrated for its potent antioxidant properties together with Antimicrobial Pterocarpus Santalinus and calming natural Camomile extract, this mask will help skin return to a more natural less inflamed appearance.