The world’s first Professional Dermaplaning tool. – Don’t just dermaplane, DermaGlide.


1 x DermaGlide hand tool boxed

* no blades included

The DermaGlide

The Adjustable hand-piece gives versatility to work around the many contours of the face.

Enables the Technician to work optimally and cater to each individual clients requirements to work around those tricky areas of the nose, lip & chin with ease providing improved comfort for the client.

It’s lightweight and ergonomic.

Its rounded shape not only fits perfectly in the hand but is also easily adjustable between the fingers as you work.

Equally perfect for left and right-handed Technicians.

The DermaGlide handle also tapers to a spatula scoop to help administer balm with ease.

Purposely designed and manufactured for professional dermaplaner Technicians. Tool is longer in length and more comfortable to optimise performance, results and client experience when dermaplaning.

Compatible with standard blades/ and blade removal boxes.

The DermaGlides versatile design gives the technician the option to adjust the angle of the handle to reach those tricky areas with ease.

But remember, the angle of your blade doesn’t change and as always should always be 45 degrees.

To view the DermaGlide explainer video and also to view / download FREE DermaGlide marketing material, please click the Link below:

Link: DermaGlide DropBox