Don’t just Dermaplane , DERMAGLIDE

The Dermaglide swoosh balm has been specifically formulated to use throughout a dermaplaning treatment. Swoosh helps to make the treatment feel comfortable enabling you to “Swoosh” around the face with ease. It also helps with cell renewal, skin hydration, and sooths the skin . The balm is rich in antioxidants, helping to protect the skin and delay the ageing process.

Not recommended to use on oily skin types


Post cleanse and tone, use our Dermaglide prep to sterilise the skin in preparation for treatment.


Set your Dermaglide hand tool to perform your treatment. Gently ebbing and flowing around the many contours of the face with our state of the art, world first ,professional dermaplaning tool. A must have for any technician.

*remember the angle of your blade must remain at 45°.


Apply our swoosh balm as and when required for optimum dermaplanning performance .

Don’t just dermaplane Dermaglide