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Brighten your skin and eyes with this ultimate glow collection, Bring the sparkle to the eye contour with I-Tx and treat the skin with your nirvana drops to even skin tone and create a youthful complexion.

I-TX– Full size 15ml
This ultra-nourishing eye treatment contains peptides, humectants, and multi-vitamins to help relax wrinkles, stimulate, hydrate, and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes for a brighter fresher more rejuvenated appearance. To be used on all skin types both morning and night apply a small amount around the eye contour.

NEW Nirvana dew drops – NEW Full size 30ml
A potent serum to help restore epidermal blood flow, brighten, and even skin tone to help replenish damaged skin. Containing natural rose extract, long celebrated for its skin restoring properties as well as clinically effective glutathione to reduce melanin activity and tripeptides to stimulate repair and help tighten skin.

Mini ice globe – Drain away the puffiness and dark circles from around the eyes with this cooling glass ice globe and lift to reshape the facial contours.

The meaning of nirvana.
A state in which the mind, enlightened as to the illusory nature of the self, transcends all suffering, and attains peace.

Let’s face it, our day-to-day life can sometimes be pretty hectic. With so many things going on around us, it isn’t easy to prioritise in some “me time”. Sometimes all we need is 5 little minutes to realign ourselves, catch a moment and breathe.

Apply your nirvana drops liberally to the face breathing in and out slowly, gliding your T-bar tool methodically around the face and decolletage.

This is your time to remind yourself that you are enough.