Clay face masks have been used for centuries as part of traditional cleansing rituals. These masks have been formulated with this in mind ,allowing us to create a trio of “ active “clay masks using traditional clay’s and clinically proven ingredients. Containing acids such as Alzeliac, mandelic & Kojic acids, each mask can be tailored to different skin concerns mirroring our skin peel and ampoule collections making for elevated a glowing results.

Our new active professional clay mask range


A natural, hydrating and cleansing kaolin clay mask formulated with allantoin and kojic acid to specifically help target uneven skin tone for a healthy looking radiant and even complexion This
mask will help to moisturise, exfoliate, and help maintain a brighter, even complexion.


Ingredients – Kaolin, Allantoin, Kojic acid


Mask reccomended to be left on for 12 minutes with a maximum of 15 mins