Contents for 20 Secrets Kits

  • 100 x pots ( 5 pots per kit)
  • Stickers for pots labelled 1 -5
  • 20 x Million Dollar Fortune Facial Stickers
  • 20 x Ritual Cards
  • 20 x Fortune Cookies
  • 10 x sheets of wrapping paper
  • 20 x Gift Vouchers

Perfect to use for stay at home facials or social media/zoom masterclasses.

You will need to put the contents into your own bags/boxes and have the following Medi + products to dispense. Please make sure you are only dispensing enough for 1-2 treatments to make this cost effective, and bear this in mind when dispensing the eye cream.

*You will need the following Medi + Items:

  • Nourshing Balm
  • Glycol Wash
  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Hydro Serum
  • i-Tx eye cream

With the gift vouchers these are blank for you to fill out. You can use these as a bounce back for a discount off a facial or as a discount off the full size Medi + items.

You can add in cleansing pads (these are £12 for a pack of 2 so add £6.00 to you cost on this)

RRP per kit to sell you your customer – this will depend if you are adding any extras into the box but around the £25.00 mark.