Whats Included?

  • The Million Dollar Empire Pen
  • 10 FREE cartridges worth £80!

Introducing the state-of-the-art ultimate non- surgical microneedling device. Allowing you to take your results and treatments to the next level.

The Empire Pen allows you to adjust the setting of the needle depth, increasing in increments of 0.25 mm. These range from 0.25mm until you reach a maximum depth of 1.5 mm includes following the Million Dollar System Protocols.

Full range of depth is 0.25mm – 2.5mm . Always work within your scope of practice and in line with your insurance policy .

Million dollar treatment protocols maximum depth is 1.5mm on hair and body and 1.0mm on the face . 0.5mm if ever combined with a deep exfoliation technique such as dermaplane.

The speed of the device can also be adjusted depending on area and skin type, this ranges between 1 to 5.

Making treatments easier and more effective than ever before, the Empire Pen is not only more cost effective but treatments are faster also. The function to instantly adjust needle depth allows a more individualised treatment to be performed. Hard to reach and sensitive areas can be treated effectively such as around the eyes, nose, neck, ears, scalp etc…

For procedure information, please refer to the Procedure Instructions document, included with the pen.

Inform your insurance provider when using and device within your treatments