* some insurance companies many require proof of a facial electrical/ Led qualification, it is the Technicians responsibility to check with thier individual insurance provider.








-A professional rechargeable LED phototherapy device.








-Million dollar Led technology works to revitalise dull , ageing skin , energise cellular function, boost collagen, improve skin firmness, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles . Also stimulates oxygen , reduces bacteria and inflammation on the skin .








-The surface structure of this product is composed of medical silicone material, convenient and easy to use. Can be adjusted to all face shapes . It consists of 240 high-quality LED diodes, divided into 60 blocks, each containing 4 LED beads.








-Each of the four LED beads emitting 4 wavelengths, (red light )blue light ) yellow light, near-infrared light . The controller can be adjusted to emit 3 different energy and different light time. Based on phototherapy, beneficial to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulate the collagen and elastin , calm inflammation , increase oxygen and reduce bacteria .
















Million-dollar Professional Led mask instructions .








-Make sure the million-dollar led mask is fully charged for 4/5 hours pre using .








1.Switch on by holding down for 1 /2 seconds








2.Select Mode by pressing (M) Blue , Yellow , Red ,








3.Select energy by pressing (E) levels 1,2,3,








4.Adjust time by using T+ T- from 10 to 30 minutes .








5.If required add on infrared mode by selecting (NIR) button.
















Mode Red light: anti-aging, promote collagen, , increase skin firmness .








Energy setting 1, 2, 3








10 to 30 minutes








Mode Blue light: reduce bacteria, acne bacteria, reduce inflammation , increase skin oxygen within the skin .








Energy setting 1,2,3,








10 to 30 minutes








Mode Yellow light: balance skin texture, stimulate red blood cells to reduce redness and fine lines.








Energy setting 1,2,3,








10 to 30 minutes








Mode Infrared light: repair the skin, improve blood circulation, increase skin moisture.








10 to 30 minutes can be added to any led session by clicking the top right ( NIR )
















DO NOT USE the LED if you suffer from lupus photosensitive, eczema.








DO NOT USE the LED if you suffer from any photosensitive disorder .








DO NOT USE the LED if you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity.








Always check your medication or consult your doctor for any photosensitivity side effects.








DO NOT USE LED mask if you suffer from light induced headaches.








DO NOT USE LED mask if you suffer from any genetic conditions of the eye.








DO NOT USE if pregnant or breast feeding .








DO NOT USE if the client has a present skin infection .








DO NOT USE if client has active herpes simplex








DO NOT USE after microneedling or on broken skin .