This Roller has 540 micro needles that are varied in length which is designed for people with normal skin types to enhance the treatment of scaring, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and hair loss.

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DERMAPLANE UK Microneedling rollers are durable, high-quality precision tools and are produced in quality-controlled, certified manufacturing facilities. They deliver ingredients by mechanically perforating the outer skin layer and allowing for transdermal absorption of solutions. All of our Rollers are sterilised within the UK with the correct dose of sterilisation to eradicate any bacteria. Each roller comes with a lot number and an expiry code that you must put on your clients consultation form. The Dermaplane Uk Titanium Microneedling roller is a barrel-like roller with disk-needles, the needles are made from titanium to provide the safest and effective skin needling treatment.